it tolls for thee

Brendan the curator and occasionally contributor to this blog is a pale amicable fellow who came down from the mountains in search of a cozy environment with plenty of full shelves, a sturdy desk, and a reading lamp. On the rare occasion he crawls out from under his comforter and puts down his book you may find him taking photographs, attempting his hand at making something delicious, or continuing his studies at university. He is still waiting for his letter from Hogwarts and he thanks you for visiting. DFTBA.


HI. My absolute favorite is a tie between “Soul Meets Body” by Death Cab for Cutie and “Pressed in a Book” by The Shins. WHAT IS YOURS?


AT THIS MOMENT I’d probably go with “Oh No” by Andrew Bird but oh god I don’t know.

Noble Beast is such a wonderful album. I’m breaking the rules of the question and not even answering it as per usual (because it’s too difficult) but a few songs I’m really into right now are: “Long Way Down” by Alela Diane, “Squak” or “Juniper” by Y La Bamba, and “Come Together” by The Beatles.

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